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Recruiting Network

With AWRE, College Coaches and Pro Scouts set notification parameters for video and stats. So every video posted will be filtered and sent to a coach that is searching for it. No more hoping to get seen. With AWRE Mobile, it's automatic!

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Upload Videos

As the team plays, Parents|Coaches|Fans can upload Videos from ANY angle and get Multiple Angle Highlights from the Same play! Each Upload is automatically clipped into a Highlight!

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Create Shareable Playlists

Coaches and Players can create Shareable Playlists and Reels. Organize all your videos, download them, share them.

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Real Time Highlights

AWRE automatically clips pitch by pitch results and puts MULTI-ANGLE VIDEO Highlights on player profiles in REAL TIME.

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Team Management

Manage your team schedules, rosters, games. Keep all your parents and players informed on any game changes, results, and player stats!

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Follow Live

Whether at the game, at home, or after the game: follow pitch by pitch action and watch play by play highlights.

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Simple Pricing for a Dynamic Sport Experience

Chart Games. Upload Video. Get In Front Of Coaches - Automatically



Free Charting App to Manage Team, Schedules, Rosters

Basic and Advanced Modes
Optimized for ALL levels of Play
Voted #1 Charting System on the Market
Manage Games, Leagues, Events
Create Dynamic Player and Team Stats Including Heat Maps, Spray Charts, AI Performance Metrics
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The App that houses all your AWRE Data.

Follow Pitch by Pitch Live Game Action
Upload Videos from MULTIPLE devices and angles
View Player, Game and Team Stats in real time
Manage Teams, Leagues, and Events
Access Season and Career Player and Team Stats
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MOBILE Programs

For programs and leagues with multiple teams | multiple age groups

Get AWRE MOBILE Team for all your teams
Get all Program athletes in front of college coaches
A profile created for all the players in the program
All coaches and players can gain access to video highlights, stats, advanced metrics, etc.
Video Practices and Scrimmages
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