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AWRE AIR is a multi-camera HD system that captures Games, Practices, Training Sessions, and more while automatically cutting play by play highlights from every angle. A cost effective technology powering multi-million dollar facilities but accessible for all.
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Multi Angle LiveStreams. Powered by 6 or more installed HD cameras with ZERO daily setup and ZERO unnecessary maintenance. Simply schedule a game, practice, training session, or tournament and capture all the action automatically.

Installation A-Z

After an installation onboarding, AWRE's professional team will handle the installation A-Z. We will walk through the process with all stakeholders, ensure optimal angles, and efficiently get your system up and running.

2-6+ HD Angles

end the single stream madness

Up to 60 FPS

peak video QUALITY

Video on Demand

watch replays from ANYWHERE

Extra Angles

The Standard setup includes 6 Angles to capture the action. However, we can accommodate additional camera angles for better player development and instant replay.

Instant Replay

AWRE AIR users can access our Instant Replay portal to review and challenge calls.

Advanced Player

AWRE's video player offers frame by frame, slow motion and other dynamic video tools.


Automated Highlights

Every play, every event, captured from multiple angles - automatically cut.

576 blue LEDs work together.

Typical LCDs are edge-lit by a strip of white LEDs. The 2D backlighting system in Pro Display XDR is unlike any other. It uses a superbright array 576 blue LEDs that allows for unmatched light control compared with white LEDs. Twelve controllers rapidly modulate each LED so that areas of the screen can be incredibly bright while other areas are incredibly dark. All of this produces an extraordinary contrast that's the foundation for XDR.

Light is mixed and shaped.

For even grater control of light, each LED is treated with a reflective layer, a highly customized lens, and a geometrically optimized reflector that are all unique to Pro Display XDR. Through a pioneering design, light is reflected, mixed, and shaped between two layers to minimize blooming and provide uniform lighting.

Color is transformed.

Converting blue light to white is a difficult process that requires extremely precise color conversion. It's why most display makers use white LEDs Pro Display XDR accomplishes this conversion with an expertly designed color transformation sheet made of hundreds of layers that control the light spectrum passing through them.

Brightness is take to the edge.

Pro Display XDR extends exceptional image quality to the very edge. To ensure that LEDs along the sides of the display mix well with adjacent, a micro-lens array boosts light along the edges. This creates uniform color and brightness across the edge. This creates uniform color and brightness across the entire screen.

One chip makes it all possible.

With a massive amount of processing power, the timing controller (TCON) chip utilizes an algorithm specifically created to analyze and reproduce images. It controls LEDs at over 10 times the refresh rate of the LCD itself, reducing latency and blooming. It's capable of multiple refresh rates for amazingly smooth playback. Managing both the LED array and LCD pixels, the TCON precisely directs light and color to bring your work to life with stunning accuracy.

15+ Million Player Clips Created

Clips put on player profiles Automatically

Athletes involved in the action will get their clips automatically put on their profiles. Coaches, players, fans, parents can watch every clip, from every angle in real time.

Watch Highlights in Real Time

Coaches, Players, Parents and fans who are watching the game, practice or session will be able to see play by play highlights as they happen.


Player Development is Only Part of the Story

Broadcasting, Recruiting, and Scouting are at the heart of the AIR system. Enhance your program with all the features that AWRE offers.

Enhance your programs Broadcasts

Programs can connect their AIR camera system to their current broadcasting platform. Extra camera angles at your broadcast teams fingertips.  

An Automated Streaming Experience

Use AWRE TV as your dynamic broadcasting center. Fans will be able to follow pitch by pitch highlights as well as see box scores and play by play data. Monetize streams or provide them for free to select users .

Analytics + Video. A Coach's Best Friend

A platform for players and coaches to segment training and game data; create unique metrics for analysis; and align it all with multi-angle video.

Dedicated Program Channels

With AWRE, your team will have their own channel for games, practices and training sessions. Players will have player bios that will house all their stats, videos, and metrics. Choose what is private and what is public.

Powerful integrations. Integrate the AWRE AIR system with current hardware technologies to gain deeper analytic insight.

See Everything in the AWRE SPORTS mobile app.

Power to elevate programs and players.

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Simple Pricing


Year 1 Pricing includes Installation and Software Costs

2 HD Camera Setup
Installation Included
Free Coach and Player Accounts
AWRE Charting Included
Team and Player Analytics
AWRE TV Channel
Stream Games, Practices,
Sessions, and More
365 Day VOD


Year 1 Pricing includes Installation and Software Costs

6+ HD Camera Setup
Installation Included
Free Coach and Player Accounts
AWRE Charting Included
Up to 60 FPS
AWRE TV Channel
Stream Games, Practices,
Sessions, and More
Team and Player Analytics
Instant Replay Portal
365 Day VOD

Custom Pricing

Want more cameras? Want unique angles? Have a multiple field complex? Let's do it!

Monetize streams and events with AWRE TV+